Prof. Aleksander Bobko Secretary of State

Aleksander Bobko was born on 23 March 1960 in Przemyśl. He is a philosopher specializing in classical German philosophy and contemporary moral, political and social issues. He is an expert on the philosophy of Immanuel Kant and a translator of his works. He is also an author of numerous publications in Polish, German and English.

Aleksander Bobko is a full professor of humanities (since 2009). He studied in Krakow, where he graduated in computer science from the AGH University of Science and Technology and in philosophy from the Jagiellonian University, the Pontifical Academy of Theology (presently: the Pontifical University of John Paul II) and the University of Freiburg. Since 1989, he has been working as an academic teacher at the University of Rzeszow (formerly: the Pedagogical University) and the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow. Aleksander Bobko participated in various academic internships programs in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, and the USA; he was a guest lecturer in many European countries as well as in the USA, Brazil, China and South Korea. He is a member of the Polish Philosophical Society and Görres Gesellschaft. At the University of Rzeszów, he held the following positions: Deputy Dean (2002-2004), Dean of the Faculty of Sociology and History (2004-2008), Deputy Rector for Science and International Relations (since 2008) and Rector of the University (since 2012).

He was a city councillor, member of the Management Board of the City of Rzeszow and member of the Team for Axiological Foundations of the Polish Constitution by the Polish Ombudsman. In 2015, he was elected to the ninth term Senate as an independent senator.

Aleksander Bobko lives in Rzeszów with his wife. He has two children and three grandchildren. In his spare time he enjoys doing sports (football, swimming, skiing and sports bridge). He is an amateur piano and guitar player.